This difficult to define event welcomes visitors to gain an insight into the work of organic farmer Toos Jeuken at her smallholding in Cuckfield. The day will include informative tours of the fields outlining the benefits of growing organically. Alongside the farm tours (booking required, please see the event bright page) a variety of artworks by local and London based artists will be performed and exhibited. The works will be shown in and around the agricultural buildings, fields and structures. The artists are not directly responding to a theme per se, but due to the very nature of this context the works may connect in a loose sense; questioning and exploring conversations between city and countryside. For contemporary fine art (which is more commonly encountered via the city) the farms spatial environment may allow artists to see their work with a new perspective, whilst also perhaps challenging the conventions of Sussex’s art scene. There will be live music in the evening, tea and coffee throughout the day and the chance to purchase some delicious produce straight from the fields! Please see the press release and Open Day Schedule for more information about what’s on.

Click HERE to see a list of artists inhabiting and responding to the farmland.


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